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The Herniated Disc Treatment Chiropractor San Antonio Relies on for Pain Relief

Herniated or “slipped” discs can cause excruciating pain! Fortunately, you can get natural pain relief treatment with chiropractic care: Schedule an appointment with your San Antonio chiropractor at Pinnacle Wellness: (210) 674-1234. And follow us on Facebook and YouTube for pain relief tips you can follow immediately!

What’s the difference between a slipped, bulging or herniated disc injury?

“Slipped disc” is actually an incorrect term. Intervertebral discs don’t “slip” because they act as ligaments, securely attaching the vertebrae on either side. The disc’s fibrous outer membrane contains a gelatinous nucleus inside, cushioning the spine, enabling you to bend, twist and move your back:   

  • Bulging disc—The outer membrane weakens and bulges—uneven pressure causes a protruding bulge.
  • Herniated disc—The outer membrane splits open, the nucleus may “slip” out of the disc, pinching nerves.

A disc herniation is more severe than a bulging disc, but both can cause back pain requiring treatment. When the disc injury is in the lower back, low back pain and sciatica (pain, numbness and tingling radiating down the leg, into your feet) may manifest. If the disc injury is higher in the spine, pain numbness and tingling may spread to the arms and cause other symptoms.

What Causes a Herniated Disc Injury?

Any sudden traumatic injury can cause a sudden disc herniation. However, a herniated disc usually happens after the disc has been weakened over time by: 

After years of uneven wear and tear like this, just sneezing, bending over or picking something up incorrectly can suddenly cause disc herniation. 

Chiropractic Care for Disc Herniation Pain Relief Treatment

Chiropractic care resolves disc injury, providing long-term pain relief without invasive treatment. By correctly aligning your spine, your chiropractor removes uneven pressure from discs, releasing nerves pinched by the herniation.

In addition, your chiropractor coaches you on correct posture and ergonomics for every situation! Practice good posture, strengthen your core, and get proper nutrition to avoid future disc injury!

Get Bulging, Herniated or Slipped Disc Pain Relief in San Antonio

Go from back pain to total wellness—schedule an appointment at Pinnacle Wellness and meet with the San Antonio chiropractor who can help you get non-surgical, natural pain relief and healing from a bulging, "slipped" or herniated disc injury today: (210) 674-1234.